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How To Remove And Keep Soap Scum Off Your Glass Shower Doors

Soap scum is a major problem for anyone with glass shower doors. Hard water in your bathroom combines with minerals from skin oils, hair sprays and detergent to form unsightly films on your glass door, which can be extremely tough to remove, especially if allowed to harden.

Cleaning off scum as soon as possible and adopting lifestyle changes that reduce mineral deposits on your glass doors is the best line of defense, but sometimes you can be overwhelmed by scum buildup and have to call in a contractor to safely scrub it off. This article looks at changes you can make to prevent scum buildup on your glass doors and how to clean stubborn scum deposits.

Change your regular habits

The following changes can help you get a hold of scum staining.

  1. Squeegee your shower doors regularly to get rid of dirt and soap deposits before they can form stains. This will help avert tougher cleaning down the line.
  2. Avoid using bar soaps, as they have chemicals that make scum worse. Switch to bath gels as they do not stain glass and can be easily cleaned.
  3. The ultimate solution to your scum problem is to install a water softener in your home to remove minerals from your shower water. Alternatively, install a filtered showerhead to keep scum out of the bathroom.

Cleaning soap scum from your glass shower doors

Thoroughly cleaning a scum-stained glass door takes some doing. You need to first spray the edges and corners, where most stubborn scum deposits are usually found, with full-strength vinegar.

Vinegar contains acid that breaks down scum and makes it easier to remove. Let the vinegar sit for an hour or two so it can loosen the scum completely, before using a razor to gently scrape it off. Finally, use warm water, detergent and a scouring pad to clean the edges completely before rinsing. This should completely eliminate any scum stains, but if at first you don't succeed, repeat the process a few more times until the corners sparkle.

The rest of the door should not be as challenging to clean, as a little scrub using lemon solution or vinegar should be enough to eliminate any scum staining. Once all the scum is loose, rinse the door with clean water to get rid of any debris.

To keep the door free of scum stains in the future, keep a bottle of vinegar handy so you can regularly spray it on the door before giving it a scrub. You can then rub lemon oil on the glass using a non-abrasive rag to polish it and keep it shining.

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