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Adding Sparkle With Glass

Are you in the middle of redecorating your home? Although you might be focused on replacing those sofas or fixing up your flooring, the fact of the matter is that you can make a big impact with cheaper materials. By adding a glass vase here and there or by putting glass lamps in your living room, you can add a little sparkle to your place. These days, interior designers focus heavily on mixing fabrics, materials, and furniture to create an eclectic feel. I want to teach you how to do this, which is why I set up this blog. I hope that you can find a few tips that can make your home more beautiful.

Create A Window-Border Out Of Old Windows To Keep The Dogs Out Of Your Garden

Having new windows installed can do more for you than you think. Not only can you benefit from the new windows, but you can also benefit from the old. Repurposing those old windows into a way to keep your dog out of your garden can give your yard a uniquely beautiful element that also protects your plants from the damage a dog can do.

Determine the Dimensions

The first step in creating a window-border for your garden is determining the dimensions of the garden. Measure the exterior perimeter where you would like the window-border to go. If you are measuring by yourself, use a brick or heavy rock to hold the measuring tape in place as you stretch it out.

Plan the Layout

Now that you have the measurements of the garden's perimeter, you have to choose a layout for the windows. Since your windows are likely not all the same size, the pattern that you use to install them will have a great impact on how it looks when you are done. Lay the windows flat on the ground and move them around until you find the layout that you like.

Note: If you don't have enough windows to do a complete border, you have two options: Talk with the window contractor about any available older windows he or she may have, or use alternate materials, like fencing or old doors, to complete the border.

Measure for Support Posts

While you have the desired layout on the ground, get some measurements. You will need to position support posts where each window meets, so gather these measurements by measuring the distance between where each window will be connected.

Once you have obtained the measurements for the support posts, measure and mark the ground where the posts will be positioned. Double check your measurements to avoid the need to reposition the posts after you have them in place.

Install the Support Posts

Cut 2x4 treated lumber to fit the height of the windows adding 3 inches to the length. Dig a small hole 3-inches deep to insert the post. Insert the post, check that it is plumb, and tamp the soil around it to ensure that it is secure in the soil.

Attach the Windows

The easiest way for you to attach the windows to the support posts is using a drill, hinges and a few hook latches. Use the drill to pre-drill holes for the screws that will be used to attach the hinges to the windows and posts. Every few windows, only attach the hinges to one side of the window and install a hook latch to the other side. This will allow you easy access to the garden because you can swing the window open like a door.

There is no reason to let those good old windows go to waste. Take advantage of the extra materials around your home and protect your garden from your dog creatively.